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Reviews for The Black Crowes: 11/4/2008 BC Roadshow, New York, NY

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   Chris  (11/25/2008 8:22:00 PM)

Also, probably the best versions of "Deep" and "Thorn" on this tour so far and acoustic ta boot! Between this & the Halloween show, they're tone & timing are so on its wicked, they are at the top of their game!!

   Chris  (11/21/2008 9:05:34 PM)

Wicked show! does anyone know the music they were playing right before the show started, that was even cool too!

   Amorican  (11/21/2008 8:34:48 AM)

What an amazing two shows. This was not just a Black Crowes concert. As Chris put it, this was a "hootenanny" with lots of great folk music. As Rich put it, it was a chance to do something intimate with the fans. Yes, there were classic Crowes songs, but there were also greats like Stealin' by Bob Dylan/Jerry Garcia/Various Jug Bands, You Don't Miss Your Water by The Byrds and even New Speedway Boogie by the Dead. I will never forget these shows.


Download The Black Crowes 11/4/2008