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Reviews for The Black Crowes: 8/6/2008 BC Roadshow, Covington, KY

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   big lou h  (10/28/2008 6:34:16 PM)

ill download every new song/cover the brothers crowe release from this bc roads - kentucky -- how lucky you got cold boy smile !!!!! unreal.

   bob  (9/4/2008 5:27:56 AM)

this is an amazing set, the first five songs are just superb - pity about the constant talking...

   GG in OH  (8/30/2008 5:46:28 PM)

I was at this show.. too much fun! especially the acoustic openers.. lotsa jamming; cool crowd; great sound.. shoulda been there. GG in OH


Download The Black Crowes 8/6/2008