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Reviews for The Black Crowes: 12/30/2005 BC Roadshow, Providence, RI

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   Kev  (8/17/2011 12:34:40 AM)

I will never forget this night of freak'n'roll. As much as I like the covers they do I feel that 6 covers in a show is to much when I payed the black crowes to hear black crowes music... i would of rather heard something like feathers, remedy, paint an 8... ect... ect...ect. But other than this complaint, this will go down as one of the most exciting, memorable concerts for me. Lots of smoke in the air and just a great night of music. But keep the covers down please although it does make good time to grab a drink and whatever else i had in my pocket.

   Cosmic Fiend  (5/7/2008 8:33:29 PM)

"Thanks for being here on the most inconsequencal night of the year!" What a great show to round out the '05 year. Lots of great rare tunes and red hot hits! "Music for Heads, by Heads"


Download The Black Crowes 12/30/2005