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Reviews for The Black Crowes: 11/23/2013 BC Roadshow, Los Angeles, CA

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   CroweHead  (2/4/2014 1:45:49 PM)

Jackie brings a lot of energy to the Band. This was a rockin' show! The wife and I really enjoyed this show! Descending was a nice treat. Peace Anyway, What Is Home were solid!

   humphshattered  (1/15/2014 2:06:42 AM)

Thoroughly recommended. For me, an excellent set list and great sound. The Crowes' back catalogue is peerless and they also cover other bands' songs effortlessly and sympathetically. I bet Lowell George would have liked their take on Dixie Chicken. The whole tour has been a triumph: I saw them twice in London and have forked out on several shows from this site. Even if they never play another note, The Black Crowes will go down as one of the really, really great rock and roll bands.


Download The Black Crowes 11/23/2013