The Black Crowes: 11/11/08 BC Roadshow, Orlando, FL

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Steve  (11/21/2008 3:17:11 PM)

P.S. to my review below- I was remiss in forgetting to mention Sven and Luther! Sven and Steve kept us hoppin' and swaying all night and Luther laid it down like no one else can- skillful, soulful, MORE>

Steve   (11/21/2008 2:54:07 PM)

What a great show and a great recording of the show! Where I stood on the floor it was hard to hear Adam's playing and it is captured well on these tracks. Clear and crisp. I was somewhat afraid MORE>

Randy  (11/21/2008 1:13:20 PM)

I was at the show as well and I can't wait to download this. The show itself was simply amazing. Thanks to The Black Crowes for allowing their fans the chance to capture the special nights we get to MORE>

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No Speak No Slave
Cypress Tree
Walk Believer Walk
I Don't Know Why
She Talks To Angels
Girl From A Pawnshop
Losing My Mind
Let It Be Gone
Oh Josephine


Wee Who See The Deep
Take Off From The Future
Thorn In My Pride
Hard To Handle
Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution


Hey Grandma