The Black Crowes: 9/2/05 BC Roadshow, George, WA

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  • Disc 2 is the complete 09/03/2005 performance, also from George, WA.

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    Tony T  (8/6/2008 12:29:28 PM)

    Thank you Black Crowes! The Saturday show is in my top 3 all time favorite Black Crowes shows I've seen. For Crowes fans you can't get a better show from Marc and Ed on this one. Marc even co-sing MORE>

    nick  (8/2/2008 9:14:58 AM)

    Thank you for making these shows available. This was the my wife and I's first show on the reunion tour in 2005, unfortunatly the Petty fans made this an unpleasant fist two songs with there childish MORE>

    Milestone  (7/27/2008 11:20:57 AM)

    Thank you for making these 2 nights available! I had never been able to find live recordings from these shows. The sound quality is stellar on these downloads. The Gorge is one of my favorite venu MORE>

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    No Speak No Slave
    Sting Me
    Black Moon Creeping
    Good Friday
    Soul Singing
    Downtown Money Waster
    Thorn In My Pride
    She Talks To Angels
    Jealous Again



    Don't Do It
    Hotel Illness
    Oh Well
    Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
    My Morning Song
    Ballad In Urgency
    Wiser Time
    Space Captain
    Twice as Hard
    Hard To Handle