The Black Crowes: 3/29/08 Palais Theatre, Melbourne, AUS

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MIK  (5/9/2008 9:30:28 PM)

For a two guitar band it is dissapointing to have to strain to hear the guitars in this mix. Definitely didn,t sound like this on the night.Better than nothing I suppose.

Blackberry shouter  (5/3/2008 2:07:17 AM)

Being at the Palais and getting that rush of adrenalin when the lights went down and then feeling the room fill with such rich warmth of sound, I was disappointed that this was not translated to the MORE>

Shine On   (5/1/2008 5:19:07 PM)

Having recently purchased the Palais gig I was most heartbroken at the sound quality - simply awful. Having attended the gig and being impressed with the awesome full sound of the band on the night MORE>

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